Discover Four Ways to Survive Your Lawsuit Stress-Free

Discover Four Ways to Survive Your Lawsuit Stress-Free

If you have ever participated in a lawsuit, you know how frustrating it can be. Often, litigation feels like a waiting game of endless steps, from motions to discovery to setting dates to last-minute extensions to a trial, if you ever get to that point. It can also feel like an insatiable drain on your time, effort, and money, all of which could be better spent growing your business.

Despite your frustrations at the “slow” pace of your lawsuit, remember that the last thing you want is to rush your case and make critical mistakes. Remember also that your attorneys are highly trained professionals dedicated to ensuring you receive the best outcome, not the quickest. Therefore, it’s best to follow these rules during any lawsuit:

1. Understand that the legal system is vast and complex. 

Our legal system is an incredibly intricate system comprised of many smaller, equally elaborate systems. A slight delay in one can produce a considerable delay in another. Additionally, our legal system was designed to carefully consider and rigorously preserve the rights of all parties in a lawsuit. Courts and attorneys must comply with legal standards and safeguards.

As a result, the process moves relatively slowly to guarantee those standards and safeguards, from serving out-of-state defendants with process to introducing evidence at trial. Should an attorney make a mistake, the outcome of the case could be overturned by a higher court, which will only prolong the duration and expense of the litigation.

2. Manage your expectations.

You should always manage your expectations concerning the duration, expense, and outcome of your lawsuit. Again, your attorney wants to do what’s right for you, not necessarily what’s strictly legal. This means that your attorney will do her best to advocate for your position and devise the strategy she thinks is most successful.

An attorney should never promise or guarantee a particular outcome, no matter how firmly she believes in your case. Any attorney who claims otherwise is not someone with whom you want to work.

3. Cooperate with your attorneys.

The success of your lawsuit depends in large part on your relationship with your attorney. Even though your attorney is smart and capable, she isn’t a magician, and she can’t do much if you don’t cooperate.

For example, the discovery phase is complicated and can take a long time. While your attorney will do everything in her power to expedite the process, she can’t control your actions. To make sure you don’t hold up the process, give your attorney documents and other evidence when requested. Show up for depositions. Don’t slack on trial preparation.

4. Do not call your attorneys every day to “check-in. 

It’s natural to feel anxious about your case but resist the urge to phone your lawyers continually. They are busy professionals doing their best to prepare and argue your case—they don’t have time to take calls unless it’s urgent. Your attorney wants to keep you happy, but they also need time to work.

Instead, respect your attorney’s time. Give her a chance to return your calls or emails before you reach out again. If you feel strongly about receiving updates, be upfront with your attorney and try to schedule regular calls within business hours where she can communicate updates at agreed upon intervals.

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