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09 Apr 2019

Startups Shouldn't Drive in the Legal Fast Lane

Hey, startups! Don't “zoom” around your legal matters, make sure you have adequate legal advice and guidance for your company. Let's get real — Choosing a company structure is much more than simply filling out documents. If you're trying to form . . .

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25 Feb 2019

Strategic Partnership and Joint Venture: Which is the Best Choice for Business Growth?

As an entrepreneur, you’re always looking for ways to provide sustainable growth for your business. While it’s challenging to identify paths of growth, there are many tools available to creative owners, including strategic partnerships and joint . . .

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21 Jan 2019

Debt or Equity: What Kind of Fundraising Does Your Start-Up Need Now?

Once you’ve done your market research, written a business plan, and tested your idea, it’s time to take action and grow your business. But growing businesses isn’t free, which means you need upfront capital to put your plans into motion. Where do . . .

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26 Dec 2018

Angel Investors vs. Institutional Investors: 3 Main Differences You Need To Know About

Searching for investors is a challenge since new businesses depend on securing funds. The right investor at the right time can not only salvage a struggling company but catapult it to success. But how do you know what kind of investor to pursue? . . .

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26 Nov 2018

3 Reasons to Seek Legal Representation for Your Start-Up BEFORE Seeking Investors

You have a lot on your plate when putting together your start-up: market research, beta testing, and hiring developers. Then you can start the long, exhausting process of securing investors. You know you’ll need a lawyer to draft the agreements once . . .

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22 Oct 2018

Before You Pitch, Successful Start-Ups Do This

For every Facebook or Uber, there are hundreds of start-ups that never take off. The successes might appear to be the beneficiaries of a confluence of perfectly-timed factors—the right answer to a market need, the right personalities, the right time . . .

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24 Sep 2018

3 Essential Facts About Founders’ Agreements

If you are interested in forming an LLC or a corporation, you probably already know that you need to file documentation with the state, install an operating agreement or bylaws, and decide how to sell shares. But you may not know about a missing . . .

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23 Aug 2018

3 Reasons to Incorporate Instead of Forming a Partnership or Sole Proprietorship

When you’re getting your business off the ground, there are a lot of big decisions to make early-on. One of them is to choose a business structure. Knowing what structure will help you work best with investors and protect your business (and . . .

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13 Jul 2018

Starting a Business in Texas? Pick a Legal Structure to Attract Your Ideal Investors

Deciding on a legal entity for your start-up requires more thought and consideration than one might assume. This is especially true if you wish to attract investors to fund your business. Without the proper legal structure, you risk opening yourself . . .

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