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11 Feb 2019

Discover Four Ways to Survive Your Lawsuit Stress-Free

If you have ever participated in a lawsuit, you know how frustrating it can be. Often, litigation feels like a waiting game of endless steps, from motions to discovery to setting dates to last-minute extensions to a trial, if you ever get to that . . .

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07 Jan 2019

Read This Before Hiring Your Next Independent Contractor

Hiring employees can be a chore. Employers face numerous rules and obligations, spending time, effort, and money to manage employees and comply with state and federal law. That’s why many businesses turn to independent contractors for their needs. . . .

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10 Dec 2018

Read This Blog so Texas Employment Law Issues Don’t Surprise You

There’s a reason for the adage, “Employees are the lifeblood of every company.” Owners, executives, and managers all understand that employees are vital to a company’s success. Happy employees sustain growth and drive innovation. Likewise, an . . .

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12 Nov 2018

Don’t Leave Your Business Exposed: Find Out the Coverage and Exclusions of Comprehensive General Liability Policies

Every business, even a small business run as a side-hustle out of one’s home, needs liability insurance to protect itself and its owners. In Texas, insurers have two responsibilities to the insured—the duty to indemnify and the duty to defend. Thus, . . .

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08 Oct 2018

Three Reasons In-House Counsel and Liability Coverage Might Not Be Enough in a Lawsuit

An unfortunate truth about running a business is that lawsuits shut down companies all the time. Regardless of a lawsuit’s merits, the demands of legal defense can blindside many companies. To minimize the risks of your company stumbling onto shaky . . .

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10 Sep 2018

Liability Insurance Might Not Protect Your Business

Many business owners with sole proprietorships or partnerships assume that obtaining liability insurance will afford you the same protections as if your structure was an LLC or corporation. However, while no business is immune from liability, . . .

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07 Aug 2018

Your Business is Growing, But Is Your Corporate Structure Growing With You?

Businesses evolve, industries change, and new opportunities present themselves. As these things happen, your business might need to add a new class of stock, separate and diversify assets, or improve your liability exposure. But, changing your . . .

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13 Jul 2018

3 Things to Know Before You Commit to an IPO

For entrepreneurs and investors alike, a primary goal of building a successful company is to undertake an IPO eventually. An IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is when a company publicly offers its stock for sale. A double-edged sword of sorts, an IPO . . .

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